New riding concept from September 2016

Motorcycling is an independent way to travel and explore. We are here to take care about the planning and logistics and you can benefit from our experience and knowledge. However we are not here to control your ride or your desire to explore.

Basically you have now 2 options:

  1. You follow the tour leader and don´t need to worry about anything.
  2. You ride on your own or with a friend/friends. If you choose to do so,we provide you with a map and GPS with preprogramed routes ,so you can ride independently at your own pace, stopping when and where you want to. You are always welcome to ride with the Tour Leader on some days. You can ride with the group all day or just the sections of your choice.

Even, if you choose the self guided option, you are still part of the tour, your luggage goes in the support vehicle and will be waiting at the hotel, when you arrive, unless you prefer to carry it with you on the bike, which gives you the freedom to leave, after the support vehicle.You are free to follow your own route during the day, but the support truck follows the leader. In any case you can meet with the group during the day at established meeting points. There is a comprehensive breakdown recovery network in Europe and Morocco and our hire bikes are covered by BMW Emergency Service. The primary purpose of the support vehicle  is to provide mechanical and personal support in the event of a breakdown or fall. Pillions can occasionally take a break in the support vehicle, if required, as long you travel with the group for that section.

We are planning a lunch stop as an opportunity to get together, if you wish, but lunch is not included so you choose where to eat, and what.

So if you are a motorcyclist and a traveller we believe our style is the best there is.  It is still your tour and your journey. You can now enjoy the freedom of being independent, but benefit from sharing the journey with friends.

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