Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions about the tours you have seen on this website or you just need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Motoadventours.

We guarantee that if you book a tour, and it does not go ahead, you get your money back.
Support vehicle only comes on tours when we have more than 5 motorcycles. We will advise you one month before tour start if support vehicle is coming so you make sure, you only pack as much you can carry on the motorcycle, if support vehicle not coming. If support vehicle is accompanying tour, luggage goes in the vehicle and you only carry your personal items on the bike.
Days off motorcycles are scheduled at points of cultural, scenic, or recreational interest, usually after several days of riding. It is a chance to relax and enjoy the culture and explore new locations. You are free to explore towns and cities on your own. We generally offer some collective activities like guided tour through city, 4×4 excursion, camel riding etc.., all cost free and included in price. Dinners are not included on those days but we can suggest restaurants.

All our hotels are 4* and 5*, or the best available at given location , Paradors, Kasbah or similar.

For Morocco, it´s almost impossible to get Dirhams out of Morocco, and you don’t need to worry, there is a bank directly by the border, and once we cross, we stop, and you can either change cash, or withdraw dirhams directly from ATM. Course is approx.1€ – 11 DHM
You will need money for fuel, lunches , drinks ,(alcoholic drinks are quite expensive in Morocco, beer between 3-6€) and one or two unaccompanied dinners on rest days and for your personal expenses. A valid credit card will also be necessary for the deposit (see Rental Terms & Conditions). You don’t need to bring a lot of cash, there are ATM’s everywhere.

1. Passport:
Passport valid for at least 6 months. Visas if required. We do not arrange visas. Please check with your Embassy if you are not sure.

2. Driving License
National motorbike driving license for the appropriate class is necessary (both card and paper). For tours overseas, International driving license is required.

3. Medical Insurance Card
The insurance must be valid in foreign countries and if possible also cover motorcycling.

4. Personal items
Sunglasses, sun protection, photo camera, etc…

5. Riding gear:

Road tours
Motorbike protective gear(preferably not black), gloves, full face helmet, boots, waterproof gear.

Adventure Tours
Motorbike protective gear(preferably not black), gloves, Enduro helmet, Enduro boots, waterproof gear, Camelback.

Leisure wear:
Pair of long trousers and shirt or polo short for going out in the evening (we eat out quite often) shorts,t-shirts, swimming gear, etc…We will send you a detailed packing list once you book a tour.

We run all our tours ourself, we do NOT subcontract other tour operators.

Each problem can be resolved, whether it is a problem with your bike, health or other – don’t be shy to tell us, we don’t leave anybody behind

Motoadventours is a government registered company and an official travel partner of BMW, with an Excellent reputation in the industry.

You can enjoy one of own BMW GS motorcycles changed every 2 years or less, tested previously on all tours we run, as the best bike for the job. From F 800 GS to R 1200 GS Adventure LC .

You will ride in a group of 2-10 motorcycles, average group size 5-7 riders.

Airport or hotel pick up is included.

You can bring you own motorcycle.

You will benefit from our extensive knowledge of culture, people, and landscapes of the countries we tour.

All tours are pre-runned and we adapt route to your skills, weather conditions etc or your maximum enjoyment.

We assist you in taking decision about which tour is the most appropriate for you and your bike.

You benefit from our extensive knowledge of suitable accommodation, restaurants, fuel points, hospitals & garages along the route of each tour.

Your guide accompany you at all times. Should any problem occur, we are there to solve it and assist.

Our guides are First Aid Trained. The support vehicle carry Comprehensive First Aid Kit.

Taking care of all customs formalities, bike temporally importation, documentation, etc. when proceed, is part of the service.

All tours with 5 riders+ are 4X4 supported – your luggage goes in the car.Also pillions can benefit from occasional rest.

Motoadventours has Public Liability Insurance.

Tour cancellation – We guarantee that if you book a tour, and it does not go ahead, you get your money back.